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Attorney Bradley S. Rothschild

Bradley S. Rothschild, Esq

Principal Attorney

As the founder and principal attorney for Rothschild & Associates LLC, Bradley S. Rothschild is licensed to practice law in both New York and New Jersey. His practice areas include intellectual property law, business law, general litigation, real estate law, and music and visual arts law. Following his love of music and film, he began his career in 1998 working with hundreds of bands and artists, growing his knowledge of the entertainment industry and working to serve the needs of clients.


Nicole Sotto, Esq

Of Counsel

Nicole Sotto, Esq. is an Entertainment, IP, and Business attorney. Nicole has extensive experience as an entertainment attorney working with entertainment clients. Prior to law school, Nicole has worked in corporate law on multi-million dollar M&A deals as a lead paralegal in the Latin American Department for Latham and Watkins LLP and then worked under New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo during law school.

Karén Tonoyan

Karén Tonoyan, Esq

Of Counsel

Karén Tonoyan, is a distinguished intellectual property, technology, business, and entertainment law attorney with a deep-rooted passion for technology, innovation, and the arts that brings a multifaceted perspective to the legal arena. His vast experience spans from working in boutique law firms to some of the largest legal establishments in the U.S., including his tenure at the regional powerhouse boutique IP law firm, Volpe Koenig, and his association with one of the nation’s premier law firms, Lowenstein Sandler.


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The attorneys at Rothschild & Associates won't be communicating with you through assistants or paralegals, so you'll know you're getting their undivided attention.

Personalized Solutions

Our attorneys know that cookie-cutter solutions don't work for every case. You can expect a legal strategy and solution tailored to fit your needs and your case.


When it comes to intellectual property and litigation, our attorneys know what works because of their extensive industry experience and collective legal knowledge.




Put Our Experience & Thoroughness On Your Side

When it comes to intellectual property law, you need an attorney that can provide not only a detail-oriented approach, but an approach that is efficient so you aren't waiting too long to get your product or service out into the world. Even with the quickest attorneys in the business, it can take several months or even up to a couple of years to get a patent, trademark, or copyright for your business or your new invention.

At Rothschild & Associates LLC, our attorneys treat their clients' cases with the personalized attention they deserve. Our attorneys know how much time and effort goes into creating something, and the passion and drive that you have behind it. Allow our intellectual property attorneys to help you push that passion project to the next phase in the process. Their empathy and drive can help you take important steps to grow your business.

At Rothschild & Associates LLC, litigation attorney Bradley Rothschild knows the strategies that can increase your chances to obtain the result you are looking for. He has experience working with principal matters, breaches of contract, business torts and disputes, shareholder issues and more. With this experience comes a knowledge of what works and what doesn't both inside and outside of the courtroom.

No matter what legal issue you may have regarding business, entertainment, intellectual property, or real estate, Bradley and Karén will fight tenaciously through every step of the process in pursuit of the best possible result. If you live in greater New York City, rely on Bradley to fight quickly, diligently, and persistently for your litigation case. Schedule a free consultation today at the Nyack, New York, or Montclair, New Jersey, offices.