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Rothschild & Associates, LLC was established to help creative people find actionable solutions to problems the business world throws at them. Over the years, we've worked with artists on every wave of the creative spectrum. We count talented musicians, authors, photographers and painters as some of our satisfied clients. These creatives come to us because we provide advice that's tailored to their situation and their career tracks.

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  • Master, mechanical and sync licensing agreement

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  • Book publishing deal

  • Photography agreement

  • Endorsement agreement

  • Artist performance agreement

  • Management or agent agreement

  • Copyright registration and licensing

  • Trademark registration and licensing

  • Performance royalty organization registration

  • Royalty administration

  • Agreement between band members

You've worked hard to make a living out of your creative passion. Protect your hard work with a little help from Rothschild & Associates, LLC. We have offices in Montclair, New Jersey and Nyack, New York and proudly serve those throughout Manhattan and other boroughs of New York City.