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Attorney Bradley S. Rothschild

Bradley S. Rothschild, Esq

Principal Attorney

As the founder and principal attorney for Rothschild & Associates LLC, Bradley S. Rothschild is licensed to practice law in both New York and New Jersey. His practice areas include intellectual property law, business law, general litigation, real estate law, and music and visual arts law. Following his love of music and film, he began his career in 1998 working with hundreds of bands and artists, growing his knowledge of the entertainment industry and working to serve the needs of clients.

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Karén Tonoyan, Esq.

Of Counsel

Karén's passions lie within technology, intellectual property, and innovation. He combined these into his career of guiding inventors through the legal process of filing patents for products and services. Before he graduated from Rutgers School of Law, he worked at the Intellectual Property Law Clinic where he assisted new & low-income clients. In addition to intellectual property law, he is knowledgeable about both business and entertainment law.

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